7 Tips to Create A Long Term Social Media Following

7 Tips to Create A Long Term Social Media Following

Social media became an instant hit because it is a creative platform for interaction. For quite a long time, people used the Internet to retrieve ideas, relate information and there was little time left for building relationships. The process was purely a one-­‐way interaction and people quickly lost interest.

Thanks to the 21st century, social media and various other technologies integrated the need to interact with each other. And yet, it does not all begin and end with the creation of a social page. Whether one has decided to open an account with the most marketable social network or not, the opportunity to build relationships does not begin so soon after. Like any other relationship, the social networks have to be nurture too. Just like with the normal daily and physical interaction, people need to spend time building on a better rapport via their profiles on the Internet to remain interesting. Here are the basic ingredients in creating a long term social media following

1. Be Virtually Present

All kinds of relationships need an assurance that a relationship or connection actually exists. Though there is no physical relationship, social networks require their users to constantly update their profiles and statuses to retain a list of followers. This is the basic ingredient in creating not just a list of followers but friends over the net as well.

It is not enough that you have Facebook account or a mobile Twitter account. You have to do more than that, tick interests, choose links and make an update at least once a day. Friend requests must be answered as soon as possible in order to give out the feeling that you are not as open to the idea of being friends.

2. Be interactive

The promise of social media is the enhanced way of communication: one two way interaction. Therefore,in order for people to follow you on your social page, you must be ready to interact. You must not merely watch as your friends’ list build up but rather at least make an effort to react to your page’s activities.

3. Be responsive

After a friend request , take some time to be the first one to say hi, or better yet, like their posts too. By being responsive, the other people will feel an open reception and will nurture the feeling for a long time, it could even lead to a follower, recommendation or sale.

The rules of engagement in developing relationships remain the same: may it be a physical one or a virtual relationship. If you claim to be on a social network to build relationships, be reactive to other people’ activity. You will earn good points for noticing. If you are on it for marketing, the same concept applies to you.

4. Be Profile Savvy

Do not leave your profile to chance and never assume that because you have a good looking face, people will immediately add you (back) or keep following you. People can reject requests too, you know so you better be ready to sell yourself over the internet.

Your profile need not always show your face, it can also reflect your interest or field of work. Some people use a profile that reflects their choice of music, and such impresses other people who like the same genre and it will make them check out your page once in a while. Stay away from scary images or pictures that can be too offensive. Remember, you are on social network to garner attention, not to shun it.

5. Choose carefully the content you are sharing

First of all, what you post is what gets your web, page or portfolio the attention. Whatever social networking site you are on, you must bear in mind that what you put in it reflects greatly on how you see yourself. If you upload images, videos or words that go in heavy , some may stay away from you because of the drama. A little bit of negativity and gossip will not gain you friends. People are all seeking for the same things: ATTENTION and INFORMATION!

Your content will tell a lot about you and surely , will get you some attention so that it will profit you in a better way. Make sure to study the feedback after you have posted something on your wall!

6. Keep learning

If you want to increase the traffic towards your page, you must take cue from the experts. This is a proven way of enhancing your chances of adding friends, visits, followers and even sales. Understanding how people got so many friends and followers before you will not only present challenge but also can short cut your way of gaining attention. Social networks are all about getting attention and having others talk about your page. There are so many DIY articles over in the Internet so you can always read them too to optimize your page.

7. Make people stay

What has already worked will not hurt your chances of optimizing your marketing reach. But A social networking account can only be effective if one was able to find old acquaintances and develop a new one with another.

In all honesty, it does not even depend on who you are being tied with, but mostly in having new people want to create a connection with you. There are some rules in being an effective social page owner and it is worth understanding why with social networking sites, it is not about the quantity but rather with who actually stays and watches out for updates.

The Next Big Computing Platform After Mobile Is Born!

The Next Big Computing Platform After Mobile Is Born!

Is virtual becoming reality?

Virtual reality just got a huge boost towards becoming a mainstream technology. It has been a long-standing dream in tech and sci-fi. The Oculus Rift puts you inside the screen, with an enormous field of view expanding so that it fills your vision. Great virtual reality is known to have different requirements than great cellphones.

What It’s Like to Use the Oculus Rift?

With stereoscopic 3D built in, its level of immersion is unparalleled. Head-tracking technology allows the Rift to “keep up” as you turn your head to look around the virtual environment. The best way to describe it: You feel completely immersed in a virtual world. Your real-world surroundings disappear. It can even make you dizzy!

To me it always felt kind of inevitable but it was one of those things, you never knew quite when it would become a reality!

Dixon told The Verge. He was impressed with the first developer kit he saw last year, but not enough to invest.

Oculus doesn’t make a consumer product yet, but its headset called the Oculus Rift for video game developers has completely changed the way many feel about video games. However Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe tells The Verge that his company needs the money to build that consumer product, plain and simple.

The reality is going into the consumer market with a full platform as expansive as this at high volume… really takes a significant investment, You look at the cost of goods at the hardware side, setting up the infrastructure… it’s pretty easy to do the math.

Though Oculus has yet to release a true consumer product, but thankfully it already found a willing buyer in Facebook, which acquired the company in March, 25th of 2014 for $2 billion including $400 million in cash!

Why Would Facebook Buy the Video Game Hardware Company?!!!

We’ve been working on this relationship for a while. It really started with us just getting to know Mark and his team: they were interested to see a demo, they came down, we showed them a demo, we started talking about the vision, and they got excited. said Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

Basically, Mark said,

Is there any way we can help, is there anything we can do? Any kind of partnership, anything we could invest in or promote? How can we be a part of this and help make virtual reality even bigger and even better?

After meeting and talking and hanging out a lot, we started to get to know each other, we started to trust each other, we started to tell Mark and his team more about the future and how we saw this impacting the world, and how big an impact it could be, and how we were really focused on hiring the very best people in the world… and ultimately how we wanted to get out the hardware to as many people as we could, as fast as we could, at the most affordable price. (…) Mark does believe in our vision of virtual reality, and we’re going to continue operating independently, delivering what we’ve always wanted to deliver.

As they went down that path, Mark said,

I think we really could help you on that side of it. You clearly know what you’re doing on gaming, we don’t need to have any real impact on that, but I think we could help you on some other parts.

And that’s where the discussion went. Oculus is all about the gaming community right now, their team is super focused on that. But with this acquisition and with this partnership, the company can now get the virtual reality platform out to more people faster, better, and at a lower cost.

Zuckerberg expanded on that in a conference call following the announcement, saying he believes virtual reality will be the next big computing platform after mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to a statement from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company plans to expand Oculus beyond gaming.

Today’s acquisition is a long-term bet on the future of computing. After games, we’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on goggles in your home. Zuckerberg said

Facebook will not only allow Oculus to stay independent, but it will also provide the resources to design and produce components purpose-built for virtual reality hardware. Though originally, Oculus piggybacked on the low cost of commodity components built for smartphones, Luckey says that won’t necessarily fly from here on out.This is going to let Oculus do things that would have just been far and away impossible without Facebook.

Now the company is ready to step up and actually put in bigger orders and bigger commitments, and hit bigger volumes around where virtual reality can go…

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The art of public speaking by fa ndiaye

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